KPN - Software Engineer ServiceNow (Freelance/ZZP)

Posted May 26, 2022
Project ID: PPI11B - 26379
6 months
(Jul 1, 2022 - Dec 31, 2022)
40 hrs/week
Payrate range
64 - 79 €/hr
Application Deadline: May 31, 2022 3:00 PM

The team

We are a young multinational team with a dedicated focus on building portals, automation pipelines and orchestration systems for KPN business market. Our software is currently used by our internal KPN users and will be used by business clients in the future. Our main language within the teams is English.

Our main products are focused on networking and connectivity solutions, for example SD-WAN, SD-LAN and cloud communications. Through our portal and backend engines we allow our users to deploy and provision multiple products and manage their lifecycle as the client needs evolve

Our software stack is built from a combination of out of the box and in-house built components. The most important components we work with are ServiceNow, our portal built in React and deployed into ServiceNow and finally our own custom-built integration layer written in Python.



The organizational unit within KPN?

Within KPN TDO, Technology & Digital Office, in the B2B IT Solutions section. We are KPN's IT department for the business market and we work with self-organizing agile teams that test, manage, develop and maintain software for our customers and stakeholders.

We have teams in Zoetermeer, Houten, Ede and Groningen, at the moment we are looking for someone in Zoetermeer.


Your role as Software engineer/developer:

As a software developer in our team, you will be responsible for writing code, testing, automating, and deploying new features for our end users on the ServiceNow platform as well as several other systems around ServiceNow to delivery fully functional end-2-end features focused on automation and networking. We write code in JavaScript, Python and develop using React framework. We also use ServiceNow as part of our backend component to store data, develop workflows and host other applications. Within our team you will have the opportunity to be a full-stack developer and work on both front-end and backend components. We want every team member to understand our full chain and yet allow room for everyone to become an expert in their own desired area, for example an expert in building React components, or writing integration code in Python.


We have several goals:

Complete the current portal aimed at internal KPN users to perform delivery of SC products in an efficient and quick manner. The current portal allows KPN engineers to:

o Trigger different automations

o Track and trace current state of jobs running to fulfil delivery of SC products

o Manage hardware administration in ServiceNow

o Lifecycle management of different product profiles


Our main goals with the portal are:

o Enhancing the UI and the workflows

o Introducing new features to expand the scope of what is possible for the users to do from the portal so that they are eventually fully independent from development teams to perform their job

- Introduce new automation pipelines for SC products

- Refactor current automation pipelines of SD-WAN and SD-LAN products to make them resilient and reliable for the future

- Introduce internal APIs for our automation and template engine to make integrations with other systems possible and clean 


We are looking for (expecting):

• Knowledge and experience in large scale, enterprise software development

• Knowledge and experience in building APIs and integrations for example based on REST

• Fluent in object-oriented analysis and design

• Capable in developing reliable, highly available and scalable code

• Understand design patterns and judge if they are applicable to the context

• Fluent and comfortable in programming with at least JavaScript and/or Python

• Experienced in developing and designing with front-end frameworks preferably React

• Able to model data using class diagrams, and understand relational databases


These are nice to have, if he/she doesn’t have them, it is a must that they are interested because they need to learn them very quickly to catch up with the rest of the team.

• Experience in developing and working on ServiceNow platform

• Knowledge and experience working with Telcos

• Basic understanding of computer networks, for example application layer protocols and routing

• Affinity with JavaScript ecosystem, writing in Node, using NPM and webpack


Required knowledge and skills

• At least bachelor’s degree or an equivalent work experience in a relevant field such as informatica, computer science, or an engineering field.

• More than 3 years’ experience in software development

• Excellent English in word and writing

• You have an EU passport or a valid work permit for the Netherlands.


What do you get in return/ we offer you:

• An ambitious working environment with a focus to improve every day

• 37-40 hour working week, .

• Extensive possibilities to work independently via "The new way of working" time and place.


The 'new way of working'

Our way of working has changed since the pandemic. We always had the opportunity to work from home, but since last year we expect to continue to work from home a lot in the future. You can take advantage of this because distance no longer has to be an obstacle, our vision for the future is on average 2 days a week to the office for team sessions, for example. Of course you will be supported digitally by our team, which is now used to this new way of working.

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