Randstad - Freelance UX Desinger (ZZP)

Posted Nov 18, 2022
Project ID: ITRS9870355
Amsterdam , Amsterdam
7 months
(Nov 21, 2022 - Jun 30, 2023)
40 hrs/week
Payrate range
Application Deadline: Nov 21, 2022 1:00 PM

The CX Center of Excellence provides CX services to Randstad, by enabling the organisation and teams to become human centric and by driving change agendas as representatives of users. As such we provide a deep human understanding and guidance to where amazing experiences enable our business, people and organizations realize their full potential.

Design the best possible user experience for people using and impacted by solutions through close collaboration with product development. Act as an advocate for all users of the business’s product through visual and verbal presentation of product solution concepts necessary for the enhancement of users’ experience.  Always be on the lookout for ways to simplify product designs and integrate a mix of interaction and visual experience into the business’s product. The role demands constant evolution and adaptation as the product, market, and consumer needs evolve. 

Approach and analyze the product and business requirements and user needs in a holistic and inquisitive manner to find and address core problems and opportunities. Translate user insights and product objectives into feasible solution concepts to improve users and business to achieve their goals.

Interaction design: You are passionate about problem solving through design which you show through a vigorous design thinking mindset. Your creativity makes you a fountain of ideas, so you ideate on user research found insights. Your rational and analytical views guide you to the right ones, which you synthesize abstract ideas into tangible solution (concept)s for design. Your striving for perfection helps you personally experience the product, review specs, recommend production alternatives and ensure a high quality production standard. Successful concepts you brief to visual designers for hand-off (Jira stories). You create and maintain design concept documentation
Engage with user research: Using a self-starting-attitude, analyse to find new opportunities to improve user experience. You engage in and collaborate with initiatives of ux and (consumer) market research, behavioral data analysis, usability testing, information architecture. You work closely with the UX researchers and (service) designers to together look at the complete picture and understand the full context (why-how-what). You translate their findings into relevant solution ideas and together form new questions to be answered. 
Stakeholder management: With a strong sense of perspectives, you present and argument your design concepts to key stakeholders and gather their feedback to find the sweet spot on solutions where user needs are met and business goals are achieved. 
Holistic experience design: You strive for the ultimate (long term) user experience within the by challenging and moving the goalposts of what can be realised.

Act as an advocate for all users of the business’s product through visual and verbal presentation of product solution concepts necessary for the enhancement of users’ experience.  

Always be on the lookout for ways to simplify product designs and integrate a mix of interaction and visual experience into the business’s product.

Key relationships:
• UX Lead • UX Designers • UX Researchers • Visual Designers • Product owner • Development team

CX CoE's objectives:
• Unite Randstad Experience Design across the globe (people, process, knowledge)
• Make the CX Studio have a demonstrable ROI (quantified value attribution to business kpi's, exceeding costs)
• Power and drive all global products and services (and their roadmaps) through CX and solve validated user problems with solutions users show they love.
• Own, manage and democratize end-to-end insights and service design (across journeys, processes and people) on the digital and non-digital experience to enable UX professionals to approach experience design in a holistic way.
• Unite experience across channels: Users have a unified experience (congruent, recognizable, seamless) across digital and non-digital channels that they wish to use.


• 3+ years of relevant (tactical) digital UX / interaction design experience
• Experience with Design Systems, preferably Lightning (Salesforce)
• Experience in designing for Salesforce solutions
• Mastery of design tools Sketch and Figma and relevant UX prototyping tools
• Experience with designing flows (interaction level, information level). Some experience with journey mapping is a plus. 
• Experience with workshop facilitation and a variety of user-centered methods
• Working within large / enterprise companies, with remote and international collaboration and research
• Working in fast paced environments: preferably experience as part of agile design sprints

A great candidate should:
• Feel comfortable in a fast-paced (agile) creative environment - understand what an agile way of working is and understand what is required of that type of work (speed, progress over perfection). 
• Good communicator in  the team as well as with stake holders
• Be independent and proactive - relish the challenge of jumping in the deep end, getting to work and learning from the challenge without an active need for guidance.
• Highly analytical - knows that understanding the problem well is 80% of the work.
• Understands that design is a compromise - critically analyze user needs, busines requirements and technical possibilities, and find design solutions that leverage all three. 
• Find challenge in working with standard solutions - abilities to design tailored solutions / flows from the confinements of standard components and pages.  take a realistic view from the standard solution and make informed and compelling cases where customization of design is in order.
• Facilitate dialogues and explorations - can bring multi-disciplinary teams together during workshops and other design activities to create common understanding and explorations.
• Expertise in design deliverables - mastery of design tools and creation of journey maps, low and high fidelity designs, prototypes, and other design artifacts.
• Possess impeccable visual storytelling and communication skills - both in verbal and in written form to convey complex and detailed solutions in the simplest and clearest of ways. 
• Is great at time management, estimation & planning - handle multiple projects at any one instance, both independently and in multidisciplinary teams.
• Has a fluent proficiency in English - speaking, reading and writing.

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