Philips - Freelance Data (Processing) Engineer (ZZP)

Posted Oct 26, 2022
Project ID: ITJP00025477
Amsterdam , Noord-Holland
End date: Oct 2, 2023
40 hrs/week
Payrate range
73 - 88 €/hr

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  • Duration of assignment between 9-12 months
  • Remote working is possible but we prefer candidate who can come to Amsterdam 1 day per week


Specific Skills required:

  • Knowledge of Python
  • Willingness to learn SAP DI / BW
  • English
  • Technical background is preferred but not necessary


Background information

As part of exuviate, to support the new data landscape, we need to migrate all data providers from PH to the new DA platform. We need to onboard 1000+ customers in the coming few months into the new data platformWe estimate that most (90%+) of our current data providers would not be wiling to adapt to a clean, non-pivoted data template. Thus we will need to build custom ETLs for each customer that can't adapt. For each customer that can adapt, we need resources in the market who can talk to customers and KAMs and align on the technical specifications, answer questions, run basic tests, and approve a format and ways of working (delivery method, sender, subject, frequencies, data granularity, login credentials)

As part of exuviate, to support the new data landscape:

  • Enable Philips business growth by world class Insights & Advanced) Analytics capabilities across the consumer and business to business domains, unlocking the power of user, consumer and digital marketing data to bring the voice of the consumer/customer to business and marketing decisions.
  • Drive the marketing data strategy and data governance and continuously implement radical new analytics approaches to how we harvest learnings from data.
  • Accelerate the use of innovative advanced technology to be efficient and predictive and provide broad access via marketing data platform.
  • Analyzing, measuring, and optimizing our marketing investments and tactics across multiple channels and develop and improve multi-touch attribution models (marketing mix optimization) and frameworks to assign credit for traffic and conversions across a variety of marketing channels and touchpoints



  • Manage regional data strategy & governance.
  • Own data strategy for the region, including coordinated data flows, data lifecycle and quality audit, as well as making recommendations to planning for new / discontinued data acquisition.
  • Partner with IT team to ensure correct infrastructure. 
  • Onboard and manage new data suppliers to provide automated data supply is in place where possible. 
  • Ensure Regional data is fully compliant with legal &regulatory guidelines eg: GDPR, Privacy, Antitrust.
  • Use deep understanding of data structure and business requirements to resolve complex data problems and ensure the integrity of outputs for end users. 
  • Manage SQL databases and storage, manage integration of investigator SQL into master DB.
  • Manage master definitions and data model eg: category, customer. Manage data integration and cleansing.
  • Manage data updates from regional sources and liaise with advanced analytics team to ensure regular uninterrupted flows to the central data lake. 
  • Manage data cleansing and matching where necessary, working with IUT and/or advanced analytics team. Transform data via data load editor where necessary.
  • Define pricing logic for value calculation to achieve a comprehensive sell out and stock comparison. 
  • Coordinate dashboarding.
  • Coordinate activities between cluster, region, and market business partners and the advanced analytics team.
  • Ensuring that definitions and dashboarding are in line with business partner needs. 
  • Involved in testing and prototyping of new regional dashboards, as well as continuous improvement of existing ones
  • Working closely with EIM, the local Market and the MI&A Business Partner.

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