KPN - Projectmanagement Ondersteuning (Freelance/ZZP)

Posted Mar 23, 2022
Project ID: IIP09 - 25823-1
(Apr 4, 2022 - Jul 31, 2022)
40 hrs/week
Payrate range
40 - 55 €/hr
Application Deadline: Mar 28, 2022 2:00 PM

Main task is to:

  • Drive the process (note: not own the deliverables) together with the functional streams (see description below)
  • Ensure that all KPN internal activities are captured with clear timelines and responsibilities, organized per 3 week sprint: kick-off, progress updates etc. 
  • Ensure timely alignment between the parties in case of unclarity with roles and responsibilities
  • Provide precise outlook of the sprint plan to execution team to assure clarity of focus and support in prioritization
  • Support transparency on the progress execution. Review/support/challenge regular status reports internally in regards of clarity of the status and issues, support in development of mitigations measures.
  • Ensure proper usage of JIRA as program tool within functional teams to enable strong online reporting availability.
  • Provide early signals and solution directions to streamleads and steerco members in case timelines, quality standards and budget restrictions are not met
  • Safequard the Bridge scope. All activities should be fit in the agreed scope of the Bridge program or follow a strict KPN change management process. The PMO will help select and prioritize sub-projects and topics within the boundaries and scope.


PMO, supported by DTT team and Functional streams (data delegates) will together drive the following process:

Details on data migration process/activities to deliver the final extract (note: not Data Office responsibility, we drive the process, not the content)

  • Determine the scope (fields) of the extract
  • Field mapping
  • Define the criteria what data must be in the extract
  • Create an initial data extract
  • Validate data extract and solve data load errors
  • Cleanse the data in the extract
  • Improve the data extracts (in sprints)

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