KPN - Medior/Senior Backend Developer Python & JavaScript (Freelance/ZZP)

Posted Feb 16, 2022
Project ID: IPI12 - 25512
10 months
(Mar 1, 2022 - Dec 31, 2022)
37 hrs/week
Payrate range
75 - 90 €/hr
Application Deadline: Feb 23, 2022 3:00 PM

Enddate: TBD


The environment you will be working in.

KPN Technium and in particular the MijnKPN-team is looking for an med/sr. software engineer. The MijnKPN environment serves both Web and APP (IOS/Android). It supports at least 1,5 MIO customers every month. Working for MijnKPN means making the difference, since there’s no environment with more customer interaction. In the overall strategy of KPN the MijnKPN APP/Web is explicitly mentioned as the enablers of KPN’s success. For the coming year we’ve got better device integration, streaming architecture and upping the customer experience eon our roadmap.


Technical platform you work on

We value optimizing processes and applying cutting edge technologies over getting in more developers to achieve scaling. We are applying this believe to our development process as we want a unified workflow for Web, iOS and Android, hence we are creating a new technical platform/framework with latest technologies as we speak. Apart from this our approach is to shift most business and UI logic to backends and serving a thin frontend to enable flexibility. Our current frontend stack is React for Web and React-Native for iOS/Android.


What do we expect from you?

  • You are the “Medior/Senior Software Engineer” with for whom expanding knowledge and experience with technologies comes naturally
  • You have a drive and take initiative to automate but eliminate first
  • You have an Agile mindset supporting teamwork, ownership, empirical development and Way-of Works like Scrum 
  • You have a customer mindset and take great pride in the product
  • You’re continuously looking for improvements and proactively finding ways to implement them
  • You own what you build and aim for delivery the best possible solutions while taking others along with you in that purpose
  • Strong communication skills being able cooperate with people (tech and business) around you


More technically we expect:

  • Next to your native development foundation you have experience with Python (not just Django) and/or JavaScript
  • Experience with one of the following JavaScript based libraries is a huge plus: React, React-Native, Redux, Node
  • Quality principles for both development and testing activities (e.g. SOLID, Patterns, Unit Testing, E2E testing)


It would be nice to pack some of the following:

  • Experience with mobile E2E testing, preferably with Detox
  • Experience with web front-end development
  • Experience with asynchronous backend development
  • Experience with implementing and using CI/CD flows
  • Experience with DevOps

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