Data Engineer (Freelance/ZZP)

Posted May 16, 2022
Project ID: ITJP00069483
1 month
36 hrs/week
Payrate range
49 - 64 €/hr
Application Deadline: Jun 20, 2022 2:00 PM
  • Assignment duration of 3 months
  • English or Dutch
  • Working from home and potential to work in the office for 1-2 days a week
  • Max hourly rate: 64€


This project contains two positions

Data Engineer who will help us to set up an Information Factory / Self Service environment that enables structural data disclosure from the Enterprise Data Lake for purposes of feeding our PowerBI dashboards. The data engineer will align to IT and architecture to decide on the best option given the target architecture and will set up this environment. Experience / required: Azure-stack, SQL, architecture & engineering

BI specialist with PowerBI skills and UX background. They will help us to maintain our existing dashboards, solve issues and also help us improve user-centricity of our existing dashboards



that your BI and data engineering truly drives the effectivity and impact of the bank. Whether it is regarding creating a better sustainable world together, testing the effectiveness of IT security and cloud computing or identifying emerging risks. Our Data Engineers and BI specialists have to stand out from the rest. Much more than just code-writers, we need Audit Data Scientists who constantly question the status quo and continue to look for better solutions.


Making a difference

You have the freedom to choose the path that leads to the optimal solution;

Position 1: As a Data Engineer you are able to design and implement a sustainable self service environment given the Target Architecture of the Bank on Information Factories and Enterprise Data Lake;

Position 2: As a BI Specialist with a UX background you are able to maintain PowerBI dashboard, solve issues but also are able to propose improvements on user-centricity and user experience. This might include rationalisation and merging of dashboards;

You’ll need to have the skills and personality to act as a front-runner and lead the way for your colleagues and guide them towards the goals you have agreed to achieve.


With each other

Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. The Audit Data Excellence Team safeguards the bank' stability and sustainability. The decisions made in the department affect every level of the organization from overall strategy to individual products. As we develop algorithms that uncover flaws or provide assurance on its effectiveness, we rely on a diverse team of specialists: from ideation, piloting and support of repeatable data driven solutions. Every member of the team plays an important role in the process. But it is only through collaboration that the job gets done. With you as a Data Engineer or BI specialist, the team will consist of diverse colleagues in a variety of roles;


With you

The work you do will impact your team and your internal and external stakeholders, but also the client servicing process and therefore the bank’s core business. Our Data Engineers and BI Specialists have been able to create a sustainable, secure and impactful self-service environment incorporated into the Risk Assessment and Audit Planning, as well as to support individual Audit assignments. This impacts the way the bank actively serves its clients.


In addition, it's important that you recognize everything in the checklist below:

  • Strong communication skills in English, both spoken and written;
  • Position Data Engineer: Experience with Azure stack, SQL, architectural design, ETL;
  • Position BI specialist: Experience with PowerBI, KNIME/Alteryx/Dataiku, IAM processes, UX design
  • Entrepreneurial mindset, getting things done mentality.

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